The Mystery of Geometry II

Geometry in art is a mystery based on elements, surfaces and planes that slowly emerge from nothing and then submerge in magical form, until they disappear.

Geometry is a mystery that has its own language, an abstract expression , expressing a different reality than your own. It is the intellectual expression of the world that surrounds us, geometric structures that make up squares, rectangles, circles, cubes, cylinders, triangles, etc.

Geometry is also an independent expression, because it has a life of its own, that is permeated with rhythm, movement and constant change and generates an intense dynamic. It shows a process of interaction between irritation and harmony, creates images that suddenly appear and disappear.

It makes the invisible, visible.

The geometric abstraction is not only a mystery, but a fascinating psychological expression, because during the artistic creative process, develops an atmosphere and a very special and profound relationship between the artist and his work. When this process comes to an end, the artwork is liberated and sustains its own existence.

This kind of abstraction as a result of its change of form, its vitality and its own language offers a dialogue between the artwork and the viewer and thus stimulates the aesthetic and intellectual interpretation of each individual.